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Exposing the UK's lying politicians I hate Labour and all they stand for. However the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats and the rest are no better, they all get clips uploaded to show what they're doing "in your name", with YOUR money. This channel was once deleted thanks to a bullshit claim by "Wixen Music UK Limited". They had no leg to stand on, their claim was 100% fabricated and got the channel back. In February 2016 just after the channel's 8th birthday and 50 million video views, the main Liarpoliticians channel was deleted "due to copyright complaints".... or I assume so, as my email box on anything to do with what happened is suspiciously empty. Google / Youtube has not replied to my questions / appeal. Make your own mind on what happened. Copyright is an easy way to silence the exposing of politicians and their crimes. Just for information. I am on Twitter, but AM NOT on Facebook, I will never be on Facebook. Whoever is on Facebook and claiming to be me, IT'S NOT ME.