Mario Nicola Misino

Dear visitor, in this channel you can find videos related to the following topics: ❶ Management: in particular "Managerial Skills" and "Food for thought for the Good Manager"; ❷ Tennis: innovative animations, elaboration of ATP statistics from 1993 onwards, calculation of the "Dominance Index" to highlight the dominant Champions; ❸ Music: Jazz, Blues & Rock; Jazz Live performances; MIDI covers; ❹ Cinema: "The Words of Cinema" = very short extracts from significant dialogues of the films; ❺ Animals: many wonderful animals and my female cats, in particular; ❻ many other topics that, in my opinion, are interesting and deserve to be published: over 400 videos! In the “Description”, moreover, I accurately provide all the information useful and necessary to contextualize the videos and make better understand their meanings and their innovative value. I will appreciate every comment that will help me improve my channel. Thank you!