Strength Central

Welcome to the channel! As powerlifting fanatics we are looking to provide something new to the sport, something we are missing as a community. Sports like Boxing, MMA and weightlifting have extensive media coverage which allows them to grow and bring in money for their athletes. We aim to do the same for powerlifting, covering big events in strength sports while not losing sight of the lifters involved. You can expect to find coverage of the biggest meets on this channel as well as informative/historical content. After this short introduction we might ask yourself: what is the endgoal of this project? The answer might not be what you expect. We aim to be the first all around powerlifting company but this still might not have answered your question, so let me elaborate. A complete company will provide their clients (in our case powerlifters) with everything they need. Premium equipment, organizing meets, sponsorships, we aim to do it all. Help us achieve all this by subscribing!