Soul Moon Tarot

Welcome to Soul Moon Tarot. Here you will find readings using tarot cards. Be well and do good! ❤ Question: Do you do personal readings? Answer: Yes BUT - it depends on availability with my schedule. I will have an idea of my schedule for each month by the 10th. If you go to the website and see a "Submit Questions" button, then I have availability. 🙂 Question: Why aren't comments enabled? I don't have the time I'd like to be able to interact and moderate comments. ❤ DISCLAIMER: When viewing a tarot reading from this channel, readings are for entertainment purposes only and in no way meant to act in substitution or take the place of any and all psychological, legal, financial, medical or business advice and/or services. Accuracy is not guaranteed and is subject to viewer's own interpretation. Soul Moon Tarot accepts no liability for any action(s) clients and/or viewers choose to take as a result of any tarot readings.