Dream Lens Media

We're all about telling stories beautifully to inspire powerfully. There are so many incredible stories that go untold, we're out to change that. If you watch one of our films and walk away inspired to make a change in your personal life, try a new hobby, embrace a new challenge, then we've done our job. Carrie Highman picked up a camera for the first time as a reporter at a local TV station in a small town in Wisconsin. She fell in love with the power of visual story telling and after her contract ended she launched Dream Lens Media. Teaming up with her husband and Dream Lens drone pilot Tim Highman, she began filming micro-documentaries. The journey has been full of ups and downs but the passion grows with each story and with each film. We invite you to follow along on our process of entrepreneurship and film making. We're committed to telling it how it is and hope we will encourage you along the way. www.dreamlensmedia.com