The Quantum Queen

Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel! My content is quite a combination of topics. I have a passion for combining Spirituality and Science and explain Law of Attraction and New Age Teachings using Quantum Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. I am a Spiritual Coach and Mentor people going through their Awakening Process, Dark Night of the Soul, Twin Flame/Karmic/Soulmate Relationships, Spiritual Entrepreneur Startups, anything and all thee above. I also do regular planetary energy updates for the collective. I also provide Psychic Tarot Readings to provide further clarity and guidance for anyone on their journey. You can email me for One-on-One Spiritual Coaching or to book a Tarot Reading, and you can also follow me on Facebook or Instagram! IG: @josslynkblackwell Facebook: Josslyn Blackwell Thank you so much for subscribing and following my content and wishing everyone peace, happiness and joy on their journey! Josslyn