Robots reading Reddit

Hello and welcome to Robots reading Reddit. I'm their handler writing this because the robots can't really write yet, only like one of the six can actually read. He's the one you hear in the videos. The other five are currently trying to finish Fable on the original Xbox but they can't seem too master sticks. I guess I should've given them proper fingers and not just those floppy cord-fingers. Basically what I do is read Reddit, find stuff I like and want to share with you guys and have Daniel (the robot that can read) read it out for you guys while I edit the comments so they feel clean and fresh. We then spend a lot of time going through the posts together so Daniel reads the correct thing, know how to pronounce stuff. Because he's never really heard anyone else speak. Because why would we install listening devices on a robot that's just gonna read/respond to comments? That seems like the start to the terminator movies. I wonder how long a bio can b