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ArtSpear Entertainment

Hi! - We're Joe and Rita (aka ArtSpear Entertainment) - we make Comedy films/shows/animations and other goofy stuff! Creators of "Toon Sandwich", "The Void", "Australiens" and "The Killage". IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO US, ALL OF YOUR WILDEST DREAMS WILL COME TRUE! 😬 *It's just the two of us here at ArtSpear so we could really use your help! Boldly go where few have gone before and support us by becoming a Member or a Patron 😀 Check out the links below! Please do not dub or re-upload our content. Reaction videos to our original video with our original audio are welcome. Please link our video in the description of your reaction :) Thank you! 😇 Patreon: 🛍️ Merchandise: 👤 Facebook: 📷 Instagram: @artspear.entertainment 🐦 Twitter: @ArtSpear 🌐 Website:


Ash vs Kindly Dead

ArtSpear Entertainment

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