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I'm a voice actor who reads and commentates on Reddit Stories and brings the characters to life! Thank you to all of our authors for submitting your stories to the r/MrReddit subreddit for me to read! Learn more about what what we do at our website: https://www.entitledparents.com/ Welcome to rSlash / Mr Reddit - Comedy readings of Reddit posts and Reddit stories like r/entitltedparents, r/choosingbeggars, and r/prorevenge. Iā€™m inspired by the top reddit posts of all time videos and Reddit Stories on YouTube, so I wanted to try doing them myself. Shoutout to all the creators who inspired me to make this channel like Sorrow TV, SootHouse, Giofilms, Misery Box, Cuestar, rSlash, fresh, VoiceyHere and Bumfris. Without them I never would have made this reddit channel. Please subscribe if you like the content and turn on notifications :)