I created this channel because I couldn't find any decent tutorials for the current version of Crusader Kings II. Now I just enjoy recording whatever I'm playing and interacting with my viewers. So give some of my videos a watch and let me know what you think -- it'll be just like going over to your friend's house and watching him/her play a game for 2 hours straight! Everything I upload goes into a playlist, so that will probably be the easiest way to browse and find something you think look interesting. I do my best to be fairly verbose in the descriptions as well, so check those out if you're want a better idea of what's in an episode or playlist. Enjoy, and feel free to comment -- I read them all and respond anytime it seems appropriate (probably too often, actually). Everyone Loves Pirates Discord: https://discord.gg/DS8KmgS Awesome Pirate Avatar by Cade Stone! Cade's YouTube - www.youtube.com/ziegmundeztli Follow on Twitter - @Cade_Stone