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Luxury Rib Tenders is the most in depth place to research inflatable ribs and tenders. We restore rib boats and yacht tenders in Miami Florida. We also do full restorations and rib retubes. I help buyers find sellers and help sellers find buyers.Its our goal to provide an unbelievable experience for both buyer and seller. Feel free to ask me questions via email at or at

Alfred Montaner

Here we go again ! Ramps will probably be next !

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Alfred Montaner

Guys just realized we had a glitch in my latest tug video at about the 21 minute mark. I will delete this version and re upload.

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Alfred Montaner

Anything is possible if you work

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Alfred Montaner

You know you've made it when they imitate your Boats !

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Alfred Montaner

Click the pic to see on a map where I was filming from in today's video. Haulover sandbar is marked in yellow.

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Alfred Montaner Here is the Link of the Video of the Salty Sportsman. Go check it out !

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Alfred Montaner

The Salty Sportsman always finding the monster fish ! Can't wait me and @Bryan TheCEO are going to do an epic outing with Salty this summer.

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Alfred Montaner

Final steps of my new console are done. Anthony and Vladimir did an amazing job working this console. Carrera Powerboat quality at its finest. This thing is built like a tank meant to last a long time ! Have a great Father's Day !

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Alfred Montaner

Im going to sell Tremendo Raft My Nuova Jolly 18 footer Email me at if interested.

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Alfred Montaner Just in case you missed it !

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