West Coast Roofer - Roofing and Roof Repair

Roofing Videos for Roofers and YouTubers looking to be mildly entertained. We are posting videos of roof repairs we do and roof inspections. We try to do some how to roof repair videos for both the YouTube viewer and our customers. The How to roofing and roof repair videos showing the methods we use to find and fix roof leaks on different types of roofs. Our roofing company is a roof repair and roof leak detection specialist. That's all we do. We upload "how to" videos for all types of roof repairs that we end up making videos for including: skylight installations, tile roof leak detection, examples of mold damage wood, fascia removal and replacement, roof flashing fabrication and installations. We will also show a few basic roof maintenance "tip and tricks" to help you fix little problems like slipped or displaced roofing tiles and how to easily remove and replace a concrete roofing tile.