Loving Myself

Hi my loves, What's Crackin? My name is Tamekia, the title of my YouTube Channel is self explanatory. It's all about loving yourself 1st & foremost because the most important relationship we have is with ourselves. How we treat & love ourselves is a reflection of how we love others; We teach people how to love us/respect us/value us based on how we treat/value ourselves. Its all about balance. Balancing loving yourself so that you can properly love another, and also attract the love that you want. I focus on a Holistic way of love and healing. That includes Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual love/healing. I do Tarot readings for you and your loved one (your person). Which includes monthly readings about how your person is feeling about you. Monthly readings about how your person is feeling for you spiritually and sexually (for 18 yrs and older). Weekly love readings. And monthly physical guidance with Herbal Tarot. I hope you will be enlightened and entertained. Peace and Blessings