This Is How Galactus Will Appear In Marvel Phase 4

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Shared June 5, 2019

MCU Phase 4 Will Involve Galactus And This Is How
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Galactus! Aha! Eater of the Universe! Join The Binger as we go over some of our favorite theories surrounding this quintessential Marvel villain and his inclusion in phase four.

We’ll breakdown his comic origins, then go over that one time he was over at 20th Century Fox. This video aims to match this planetary destroyer to the current MCU after Endgame. It’s time to go over the loss of those shiny stones and the way the snap affected the cosmos. All of this might’ve brought Galactus out of this slumber. The possibilities are endless. So endless, that we’ve even included some plot theories that point towards him being the bookend antagonist.

It’s time to bend our heads around all these galactic themed ideas and bring this character back to life for a chance at redemption here on The Binger.