No One Could Make Carson Laugh Quite Like Rodney Dangerfield (1982)

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Rodney Dangerfield

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Shared November 5, 2018

Rodney Dangerfield performs some classic stand-up on the Tonight Show, and then sits down with Johnny and keeps the laughs coming. Originally aired February 18, 1982.

00:37 “The other night I told my wife, ‘Don’t laugh behind my back.’ She said she won't, the funny stuff’s on the other side.”
01:06 “My daughter, she’s been picked up so many times, she’s starting to grow handles.”
04:22 “She went swimming, she left a ring around the lake. She’s fat, I’m tellin’ ya.”
05:50 “Today I figured out I’m bisexual. I have sex twice a year.”

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