D&D with High School Students S01E01 - DnD, Dungeons & Dragons, newbies

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Bill Allan

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Shared December 18, 2017



===[======- BACKGROUND INFO -======]===

I'm a media teacher and a lifelong gamer. For their final class project, my students decided to make a mini-series about a group of high schools students playing D&D. #DreamComeTrue

The 4 students have never played D&D before, so in this first episode I outline the game and help them create characters.
The circumstances for season 1 were VERY last minute - this was literally an impromptu "final project" for these advanced media students. I chose to set the adventure in my original world, on a continent and region where specifically there are only humans. I provided them with limited options because of the SETTING; not because I'm a control freak. The limited time we had to do all of this (literally the week before final exams and the end of the semester) prevented us from leisurely exploring all of the PHB options.


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