How To Do Double Unders by WOD Nation coach Barry @ CrossFit Chiang Mai

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Shared December 13, 2014

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When an athlete first starts getting active in CrossFit one of the movements they struggle with most are double unders (sometimes called “struggle” unders). There are lots of reasons for this but the main one is that they use the speed jump ropes provided by the box where they train. Now there’s nothing “wrong” with these cable jump ropes. They are simple cable speed ropes and are fine for getting started.

The problem though with these jump ropes (sometimes called skipping ropes) is that they are not sized specifically for you. Whenever double unders comes up in a WOD you end up grabbing a different rope each time and they are all slightly different sizes so its always different. The other issue is that over time these ropes get easily kinked which makes a huge difference in how the rope swings.

As soon as an athlete is ready to truly master double unders in order to do a WOD RX jump rope selection is really important. You want to have your own rope that you practice with on a regular basis like the WOD Nation rope This speed rope is fully adjustable so that you can customize it for you. Also, the speed cable does not kink. No other speed jump rope is as smooth as the WOD Nation rope.

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Techniques for Doing Double Unders

1. Keep your body in a straight line - Common double under mistakes are that the athlete either kicks forward or back while they are jumping.

2. Try to stay long with the neck - Don’t break your body at the hips or knees and aim to put your head directly through the ceiling.

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