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Shared September 3, 2019

... that's according to CNet at least, who put it in their top 10 greatest defunct Web sites and dotcom disasters all time. That's not how I arrived here though; I actually stumbled across a news article on whilst flicking through a stack of Computer Active! magazines. Several fascinating rabbit holes followed which apparently led to a script, and then this video... So, let's see whether Beenz was really a dot com disaster or just a misunderstood platform, launched at the wrong time. I mean, take Bitcoin, well that turned to out be a hit didn't it? But digital currencies weren't so popular back in the youthful days of the internet. Beenz was one of these so called digital currencies, launching at the height of the .com bubble, and although it's very different to Bitcoin, it still had lofty goals, an excellent management team at the helm and a lot of real world money to try and make it a currency to dominate the internet. Of course, if you look closer, it looks more like a points, or rewards scheme than anything dramatic, but marketing is a wonderful thing, as is the internet.

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