PMQs: MP demands engine damaging ethanol added to fuel to 'go green' (08May19)

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Shared May 8, 2019

CONservative MP Oliver Heald proves his worthlessness in having a law degree, buy demanding 10% or more ethanol is added to petrol and diesel to "go green". If he studied a worthwhile subject instead of worthless law, he would know:

1. Most engines would be destroyed by ethanol as they are not designed to be run with it.
2. It is NOT green to grow crops to make ethanol, which take more energy to produce than the energy you can get out of making the ethanol.
3. It is idiotic to grown plants to create fuel, thereby taking land away from food production.

That's why I've always said our MPs are DANGEROUSLY uneducated with their worthless to society degrees such as in law.

Recorded from BBC2 HD, Politics Live, Prime Minister's Questions, 08 May 2019.