SAVING THE NEIGHBOR WITH OPEN HEART SURGERY?! | Hello Neighbor Mobile Game Rip Off (Heart Surgery)

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Shared August 2, 2017

SAVING THE NEIGHBOR WITH OPEN HEART SURGERY?! | Hello Neighbor Mobile Game Rip Off (Heart Surgery) | Kindly Keyin
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Neighbor Heart Surgery Gameplay:

Hey kids! It is an emergency in your neighborhood, one of your neighbour is feeling severe pain in the arm, his head is spinning, chest pain and shortness of breath. Some one please call 911 because this is looking serious as your neighbor is not in his senses anymore & he needs emergency medical rescue. Your neighbor had this condition few months back & emergency heart doctor had advised him to stay away form all the junk food, fat burgers & king meals. But your neighbour just ignored all advised from his open heart doctor & keep on ordering junk food while sitting on sofa & watching movies with out any work out or walk. Neighbor Heart Surgery Doctor is the real doctor and crazy surgery simulator game you have been searching for. With amazing graphics and crazy game play, stupendous reality like surgery and the real heart transplant. Now It’s up to you since your are a top open heart Surgeon, to perform emergency surgery and save your neighbor! Use real medical tools to treat your neighbor and make sure their looks are restored!

The ambulance has reached in time otherwise the patient would have gone in a frozen state. The Ambulance doctor has noted down the symptoms and diseases that your neighbor already has, on his way to the hospital. The patient is suffering from a heart disease that can affect his arms, finger and leg movements if the heart does not pump blood properly. Your neighbor veins and arteries might have been blocked. Ambulance doctor will keep track of your neighbour progress, keep checking instant heart rate monitor and blood pressure. As your neighbour reach hospital in emergency ambulance to get further treatment from heart surgery doctor, doctors need to know your neighbour medical history first before treating him and sending them to the operation theater for surgery from open heart surgeon doctor in hospital. But first doctor will have to examine your neighbor medical records and whole parts of body especially lungs, kidney & stomach as the doctor would be operating around these areas. Prevent him into getting to a frozen state. An emergency surgery doctor will make sure whether your neighbor blood pressure, breathing & heart beat is normal using heart beat monitor. To avoid any other damage, prepare for open heart surgery now from heart surgery doctor. You are going to be the Cardiologist doctor surgeon to perform the operation as you are last hope of your neighbour & the only open heart surgery doctor in hospital. But this is no easy surgery to be performed, you will need a lot of tools to open the chest up and it’s not even easy using them. Give anesthesia with an injection before the operation in hospital. Mark the area where you want to cut and use sharp cutting tool to open the chest and abs up. Here you need very clever wrist work so that you don’t hurt your patient. Carefully cut through the ribs and reach for the frozen heart. You have to wear the gloves and sanitize your hands and wrists. Cut the chest & abs but be very careful not to damage lungs, kidneys or stomach as these organs are aside of heart.

Hello Neighbor Gameplay:

Steam Page:

Suspenseful horror gameplay (not jump scares) that focuses on sneaking around your neighbor's house
Constantly evolving experience where the Neighbor's AI counters your moves, and learns from what you do
Sandbox-style gameplay with plenty of environmental interaction and physics

Hello Neighbor is coming in Summer 2017. More information will be released soon.