Interviewing People at MAGA Rally in NYC Part 1

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Barely Informed with Elad

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Shared March 24, 2019

Interviewing People at MAGA Rally Outside of Trump Tower

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event details:
New York March/Rally For Trump
Sponsored by Grassroots organizers throughout NY, NJ, CT & PA.

* Do you support President Trump?
* Do you want to make sure OUR President knows we support him? * Do you want to meet fellow New Jersey and New York Trump Supporters?
* Then join us on Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 from 12 to 3 PM at the Trump Towers in NYC
* Wear your MAGA Attire!
* Bring flags, signs and voices to make sure our President and all of DC hears that we support our President Trump and want to make sure ALL hear us loud and clear.

Join fellow NY, NJ, CT & PA Trump supporters and show NYC and the nation We Stand UNITED with Trump. We too want to Make America Great.

Event Details: Saturday, March 23rd, 2019, 12 to 3 pm, at Trump Towers, NYC

We are grassroots organizers. We are NOT affiliated with the any political party OR the Trump 2020 campaign.
Media and all inquiries, please email