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Origins Explained

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Shared November 21, 2018

Check out the CRAZIEST Cases Of MIND CONTROL In Nature! From brain controlled robot beetles to ants getting mind controlled by parasitic wasps, this top 10 list of amazing mind control techniques will shock you!

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10.) Euhaplorchis Californiensis
The Euhaplorchis Californiensis is a parasite that is primarily found in southern California. These parasites live on the gut of shorebirds. Once the very tiny eggs of these parasites develop, they are released into the waters through the shorebirds’ feces. These eggs will live and develop into larva if they are swallowed up by snails.

9.) Acacia Trees
Ants and acacia trees have had a relationship for generations. For the longest time, people just assumed this is how it was and no one really looked into the reasoning for this relationship. That was until some scientists discovered that the relationship is actually more one sided than what people have previously thought.

8.) Phorid Flies
Phorid flies are very tiny flies that love to take over ants. Over 20 species of Pseudacteon flies are known to take over fire ants in South America. As an adult they are about the size of an ant’s head. The female fly attacks the ant to insert anywhere from 100 to 300 of its eggs into its thorax.

7.) The Alcon Blue Butterfly
There is a beautiful parasitic butterfly which is known to fool ants. These butterflies are called the Alcon blue butterfly and before they turn into butterflies, they manipulate ants into taking care of them. They basically do this in the same way that the Toxoplasma Gondii parasite in mice fools cats.

6.) Hairworms and Grasshoppers
A parasite known as Spinochordodes Tellinii or more simply the hairworm, develops inside the grasshopper. The worm then slowly begins to eat all the grasshopper’s internal organs, leaving just the legs, head, and outer shell. The worm can grow to be much bigger than the grasshopper, about three to four times bigger!!

5.) Toxoplasma Gondii
Toxoplasma Gondii is a parasite that can actually change your behaviour and how you act, especially towards your cat. It is more commonly called Toxoplasmosis, which is the name of the infection Toxoplasma Gondii creates. Turns out that domestic cats are the only known definitive hosts where the parasite can reproduce and the CDC says that about 40 million people in the United States alone, may be infected and not even know it!!

4.) Spiny-Headed Worm
Like the Euhaplorchis Californiensis, the Acanthocephalans is a gut dwelling parasite. More simply known as the thorny-headed or spiny-headed worm, the adult worm dwells in the guts of a common bird known as the starling. This worm can vary in length as it can be several millimeters and grow up to ten centimeters

3.) Castrator Barnacles
The castrator barnacles, more commonly known as the Sacculina carcini, is a parasite that grows inside a crab. But as you can imagine, it’s called “the castrator” for a reason. The larva seek out unsuspecting crab and enters its shell from where it is the most vulnerable. It becomes a living syringe and attaches itself into the bloodstream.

2.) Glyptapanteles Wasp
The Glyptapanteles is a genus of wasp that turn caterpillars into zombies. The female wasps inject their eggs into caterpillars which are already alive and well. From there, the eggs hatch and the larvae start to grow. As they are growing, they slowly start taking over the caterpillar, feeding on its fluids and taking over its mind to turn it into a bodyguard that protects them.

1.) Cyborg Beetle
Scientists from two different universities have used biology to create robots that can match the agility and efficiency of animals. The Cyborg Beetle is a little biobot that can be used for search and rescue missions and as a spying tool.

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