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Shared September 11, 2018

In which it turns out that John did not forget about Hank's birthday.
Preorder Hank's book An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and/or get tickets to see Hank on tour:

Huge thanks to Rosianna Halse Rojas, to all the amazing teams and groups who have worked with us on sponsorships (and managed to keep it secret!), and to Gabriel Trevino and Danielle Drenth for taking billboard pictures in Orlando.

Central Floridians, if you want to see the billboards, they are 1. at the corner of Weber and Mills, 2. two are at the corner of Corinne Drive and Winter Park Road, 3. on US 441 before it crosses with Silver Star Road, and 4. On US 441 right before glen eagles way turnoff.


Rosianna's YouTube:

Danielle's instagram:

The Austin Torch, top-quality professional Ultimate Frisbee:

The Dutch National Quidditch Team:

AFC Wimbledon:

The Firebirds FIRST robotics team:

The D'Oc Botics:

The Olympus Robotics team in Fort Wayne:

The TechHounds:

FRC Rapid Acceleration:

Harding Charter Prep Speech and Debate:


The Montana State University Women's Rugby Club:

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text: