Learn Programming in 10 Minutes - 4 Concepts To Read all Code

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Shared October 18, 2014

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If you want to learn to code quickly then here are the best resources to get started:

Learn Java:
▶︎ https://links.30daylabs.com/java

Learn Javascript:
▶︎ https://links.30daylabs.com/javascript

Learn Python:
▶︎ https://links.30daylabs.com/python

In this video I'm going to breakdown the main 4 concepts you need to know to master code and programming in the shortest time possible. If you learn these 4 concepts then almost all programming languages are going to be much easier for you to learn and master.

Also by knowing these 4 concepts, you can understand how computers think and how you can translate your purpose and things you want to get done to computer's language.