COPS Special Las Vegas Heat Part 3

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Shared December 16, 2011
Officers David Miller, Mitsy Pence, Nathan Boss and Scott Olson conduct an undercover theft sting designed to catch unsuspecting criminals. Officer Miller poses as an intoxicated individual who happens to have an inviting sum of money hanging out of his pocket. An individual takes the bait and is quickly apprehended by an arrested team. The suspect faces felony larceny charges.

The Detectives review surveillance footage at a local convenience store, which they believe, contains a clear image of one of their murder suspects.

While on foot patrol along the infamous Las Vegas strip, Sgt. Tom Jenkins encounters two suspicious females who have assembled near a construction crane. To his surprise, one of the inebriated women is relieving herself. Sgt. Jenkins admonishes the women and advises them to return to their hotel to sober up.

Detective Hendrix receives a tip from a male individual who provides them with solid evidence regarding the suspects and the stolen property (pool sticks) in the case. He tells the detective that the suspects confessed the crime to him. Later, Detective Hendrix locates one of the suspects at a local motel. During questioning, the suspect claims that he found the stolen pool sticks in an alley. He's taken into custody without incident. Another suspect is located and arrested in a room at the same motel.