1980's Teen Metalheads Climbing Chimacum Rock (1988)

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Len Enders

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Shared December 8, 2017

Tamanowas Rock, also known as Chimacum Rock (or just Big Rock to the locals), is a 150 foot high rock in a wooded area on the outskirts of the town I grew up in. Throughout my teenage years Big Rock was a constant hang out destination for my friends and I.
We would climb around the rocks and caves, run around in the woods, climb trees, ride motorcycles in the trails and sometimes even camp overnight (though I’m pretty sure that wasn’t legal). Back then, you could spend the whole day there and never run into another person.

At the time there was a Madrona tree at the top of Big Rock with a large limb that had grown out over the edge (pretty sure it’s still there, but totally rotted). In idiotic acts of daring, I liked to climb up in its branches or out on the limb and dangle, oftentimes upside down by my legs. SO DUMB!

In this video my two best friends and I (we were all 17 years old) listen to some Metal in the car then hike up, scale the rock, hang around and check out the views. I also climb the side of the rock and dangle around in the overhanging tree while my friends blaze up many bowls! Then we put on some more Metal and drive home.

*Side note: No, I did not scale down and paint the giant heart seen on the side of the rock in this video, though many people at the time seemed to think that it was my work.

Filmed in Chimacum, Washington in the Spring of 1988.

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