GROUND ZERO Two Months after 9/11 World Trade Center

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Shared August 19, 2008

Filmed November 4, 2001, depicting the continual cleanup of the World Trade Center disaster area two months after 9/11. Amazing how these once twin towers vaporized into this mass of twisted steel. Of course, if you are an independent thinker, and are scientifically-adept, you know why.

On YouTube comments, some user said, "Steel was so hot boots would melt, steel was coming out red for a couple weeks at least (that's some amazing jet fuel, from the initial fireball to burning steel, it's a wonder people still fly planes with such dangerous kerosene jet fuel, and to think they sell kerosene in stores),fact is most of the jet fuel burned away at the initial fireball and thermite/thermate had the energy to heat the steel, melt it, and make it HOT,and in other videos, how steel ran like a foundry..." Can you interpret Kelvin temperatures?