Casually Explained: What Do Artists Do Every Day?

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Casually Explained

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Shared December 20, 2019


I really appreciate how your videos help me see how dirty my monitor is.

3 months ago | [YT] | 17,028


You saying punch lines without any pause or hesitation in a serious sentence is the funniest thing

3 months ago | [YT] | 3,690

Jesse Van Hook

Petition for casually explained to narrate audiobooks

3 months ago | [YT] | 4,244


“Don’t worry guys it’s a metal straw. if you throw away plastic straws, sea turtles can choke on them and suffer for several days, with these you can finish the job nearly instantly”

2 months ago | [YT] | 694

Christine Stevenson

“We all know everyone who watches these videos is unemployed”
*sobs into pajamas

3 months ago | [YT] | 748

Richard Alarie

"Everyone who watches this is unemployed"
Too real... too real.

3 months ago | [YT] | 549


"Be rich when you start."

That's why I'm a computer engineering major, so that I can one day get to the point where I'm rich enough to afford a wife.

3 months ago | [YT] | 486

Mhd. Yousef Attar

"Writers don't like writing, they like having written" CGP Grey
That basically summarizes writing

3 months ago | [YT] | 516

Kevin Czajkowski

"Most successful people work for 2 blocks of 3 hours a day with a 2 hour break in between them." has 10 hour shifts and 30 minutes for lunch Yep checks out.

2 months ago | [YT] | 43


1:06 most emotion I’ve ever heard out of you.

3 months ago | [YT] | 146


"..everyone who's watching this is unemployed..."
Why u gotta do us like dat

3 months ago | [YT] | 183


surprisingly good English accent

am english

3 months ago | [YT] | 254

The Crab Person

That sort of old English accent was actually unbelievably good

3 months ago | [YT] | 63


"Everyone who watches this is unemployed"

Hey hey, I take offense to that. It's *soon to be unemployed*.

3 months ago (edited) | [YT] | 1,001


"Every successful person seems to walk in the woods." Logan Paul intensifies

3 months ago | [YT] | 224

Lila Ashton

If you take showers, you’re not an artist

3 months ago | [YT] | 166

Chad Mason Stevenson

"normal to have a wife"
> has a picture of Nietzsche


3 months ago | [YT] | 126

henk jeoma

6:02 it's literally my first day of unemployment as I watch this video

3 months ago | [YT] | 19


his voice is like a depressed author

3 months ago | [YT] | 1,392


Casually explained is just “You Suck At Cooking” but without the “Cooking”

2 months ago | [YT] | 19