Pan Bao sin horno, el bocado mas suave y tierno que viene desde Taiwan

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Shared July 22, 2018

How to make step by step the recipe of the famous steamed Taiwan bread known as Guao Bao or bread Bao Bao.
This bread is a very easy and fast bread since it only requires 30 minutes of rest and it is cooked in only 10 minutes.
These rolls have become fashionable all over the world and especially in the gourmet world to make even hamburgers from bao, be it scallops, meat or vegetables.

As with all recipes, you may have to add a little less liquid or a little more flour depending on the gluten contained in your flour.
I do not recommend changing quantities or changing them if you want to be successful with this recipe.

The steamer used buy it here on offer:
but I recommend you better to make them all the loaves of the tiron: for almost the same price.

(Be careful, make sure the water falls on the pan during cooking)

250 gr all purpose flour
170 ml warm milk
20 gr white sugar
5 gr salt
5 gr dry instant yeast

You have the ingredients in the video and in the web article where I leave the ingredients in grams and cups.

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