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Shared February 22, 2019

Holy doggies...we had 1700 bags to ship and we sold all of them in two hours! There are a few other things on sale. The Nerdfighter backpack is $20, so is a crewneck sweatshirt I designed...and there are MYSTERY SOCKS for just $6!!

You can find all of it here: https://store.dftba.com/collections/v...

The transition to DFTBA profit going to Partners in Health actually (because of how our accounting works) extends back through the entire last year. Profit that isn't going to PIH is either being held as an "operating reserve" (basically 'just in case" money) or distributed to small minority owners who helped us with investment when we needed it.

This might be a tad confusing because DFTBA is a separate company from Complexly (our production company). So the money DFTBA.com makes is profit from providing services to creators (including Complexly.) Complexly (and all of our other creators) will keep making money as normal. So DFTBA's profit is going to PIH, while the money Vlogbrothers makes from selling stuff is still going to Complexly as it's an important part of how we keep the lights on!

Business is fun! If you have any questions, hit those comments!

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