Comment un pays sombre dans la dictature ? (Guerre d'Espagne)

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Shared February 11, 2019

Did you know that the Spanish dictator Franco still has the Legion of Honor in France? That officially (even though it's not true) Spain didn't take part in the conflicts during the second world war? It is because of the Spanish War, a civil conflict that had taken over the nation as soon as the year 1936, left the country greatly weakened, to the hands of fascists. How did it all begin? Let's tackle the complex political context and the fight between nationalists and republican Spanish forces!

Script : Benjamin Brillaud and Romain Frugier

Edited by Dead Will :

JVH's video about the Spanish war into video games :

(Sources at the end of the description)

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La guerre d'Espagne et ses lendemains, Bartolomé Bennassar, Perrin, 2006 :

La guerre d’Espagne, Guy Hermet, Seuil, édition de 2017 revue et augmentée :

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« La guerre d'Espagne et la paix de l'Europe » [article de Maurice Pernot dans la revue Politique étrangère, 1937]

Some images come from the collections of the National Library of France, find the sources on the website

The details of Tanguy (CM on the show):

- The generals' revolution is stopped in several places by the population more than by the regular army, which is explained because Spain had a very large degree of structuring of trade union organizations (including the CNT).
- The POUM is not really Trotskyist in the sense of the time but "non-authoritarian communist" or "libertarian communist"
- The scene of a comrade who throws his training stick and the "officer" who must chase after him is in the movie "Lands and Freedom"
- Technically the second front in the south of France existed ..., the Italians launched an offensive in 1940 ... but we know the Italian army ^^