Lowkey Fire in the Booth (part 1)

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Shared June 5, 2010

Lowkey's 1st Fire In The Booth with Charlie Sloth.


:: Charlie Sloth ::
➤ SnapChat - CharlieSloth

Ryan Pezaro-standage

Back here again after listening to the return of lowkey

7 months ago | [YT] | 667

M2 M2

Came here to clean my ears after Drake's freestyle

1 year ago | [YT] | 602

Isa Khan

9 years later. 👀👀👀😬😬

7 months ago | [YT] | 349

T Hunter

Completed and uncensored lyrics.

Whether you're in HMV or KFC, HMP or A&E,
I make them see A-N-D, let you know the C-A-S-E;
From LDN not NYC, on the M-I-C I'm M-I-B,
Like B.I.G. the MVP, VIP to the E-N-D;
E.g. My CD, is way to D-double-E-P,
That goes for your TV screen, DVD or BBC,
ITN or ITV; COP's say ID please,
S-T-O-P like IC3, wanna see me hooked to an IV, G,
In the ICU but I'm N-O-T; they went OT with the M-O-B,
Can't see me through the F-O-G, don't cuss mothers of S-O-B's;
These MC's are OAP's, wanna hype up? I'm like OK, G,
You think you're B-A-D, get a P-E-N and a P-A-D;
If the CIA and the FBI, the MI6 and the MI5,
Jump on the A3 then I drive, turn up the A/C FYI;
MJ like PYT's, LOL and never TYP,
I E-A-T on E-I-D, twist C.I.D. like Levi jeans;
D-I-E like B.N.P, E.D.L just BFG's,
Yutes don't want no GCSE's they want C.O.D. on the PS3;
I'm like DP, or PE, or KRS from BDP,
Download this on your MP3, send it to your MP or MTV;
You're not this thing like A.D.D. your CD I rate PG,
Like KKK's, with AK's, my AKA, is AA;
Take you off the road ASAP, DDT these JLS MC's,
What you just saw basically, is how to murder the ABC's;

Cos I'm back in the booth,
Rappers wanna chat bout the strap they got stashed in the back of the boot,
But I chat to the youths,
Abstract or backpack my attributes and stack to the roof;
I capture the truth, pour it on tracks with my views,
And I sell it out the back of the boot,
I'm positive you're negative, you're wack and confused,
I'm back and the fact is your dad's in the room;
Ain't a chap that you rappers can battle with,
Any chat that I spat is immaculate,
Every track that I smash, I'm attacking it,
Heard you rap fam, your tracks are inadequate,
Your CD was kak, it was crap, I'm dashing it,
You follow fashion with rap, I'm passionate,
Blood start splashing - your whip - you dash in it,
Said you were packing a MAC in the back of it;
Kizzy I'm busy, I'm really a brilliant guy,
It's gritty and shitty, but really the city is mine,
If you diss me, pity the silly billy to try,
From Bricky to Piccadilly to Mississippi I'm live;
Get milli if you Milli Vanilli's gimme the vibe,
Get jiggy like Willy spitting the wittiest rhymes,
Uncivilised ignorant diligent type,
And I victimise an idiot a million times;
Hey hey, we rave raves and sway flames,
Take snakes off the road like AA,
So waste brays, vacate and make space,
You bait fakes ain't straight you stay fake,
We chase papes, you chase dames like babes wait,
On a lay-lay you date rape to save face,
In the same place we maintain and ain't changed,
We make tapes that rape pace like Kay Slay;
Don't dismiss or diss this we live this from Lisbon to Ipswich,
For instance, the dick's got your sister addicted,
Oh look big tits, came for a quick fix,
Your limper than Bizkit you nitwits;
A monster a beast when I stomp on the beat,
If the nonsense you speak is not gonna cease,
I'm conscious but leave unconscious MC's,
Don't respond to the beef if your nonces or neeks;
Get ill up on the rhythm when I kill em with a lyrical,
Finish up my dinner then I drill em with a syllable,
Don't really care what you did or what you didn't do,
Little fools are minuscule, spitting isn't difficult;
You found your mind, cos I'm outta mine,
Fuck a pound sign, came for the crown of grime,
I told you once, I told you a thousand times,
I'm a fountain of acid, you're alkaline;
You alcoholics are outta line,
Got a mountain to climb if your mouth is lying,
Bow to his highness, I'm bound to shine,
Let me coach you on vocals and how to rhyme;
Think I'm vexed with your indirects,
If I spit rhymes next I will slit five necks,
I'm a big time threat to you pissed sly vets,
This guy lives life inside stress;
I'm the best in the game, not impressed with the fame,
I'm testing my aim if I send for your name,
The successful are lame, they kept it the same,
But whatever the weather it's destined to change;
Couldn't give a fuck for your creps and your chains,
You slobber on the mic like a sket giving brain,
I'm mental deranged, crush temples and frames,
My pencil will end you like petrol and flame;
Burns like syphilis you nerds are privileged,
When I die you can say you heard the sickest spit,
My verse is limitless, the Earth is spinning quick,
Pure words of wickedness that I murk the rhythm with;
Heard you were good, it's a shame that you're not,
Don't care bout your chain or the fame that you got,
Keep my name on your brain cos I came for your spot,
What you're making is pot, they say it's a lot;
You're kak though, with your wack flow,
But you're back though, keep your hat low,
Prat go back home, this monster is stronger than Castro's backbone,
I attack those little fat bowcats so...
Don't ever get arrogant,
Don't start panicking, phone your management,
Mumbling, man are in the manor getting mad again,
Don't care about your swagger, mandem or medallion;
What's the matter then maggot? Where's your magnum?
In madness, mandem are missing like Madeleine,
I've been badder than you and your bag of men,
What's happening when I kill em with a pad and pen?
Ain't got the bars in your pad to match me,
Me i'm so fast you should catch a taxi,
Have you got the picture, like paparazzi,
You lack the facts to go back to back, b;
When I watch you rap it like crazy comedy,
I got a "don't rate fake G" policy,
Fuck your awards I don't rate these nominees,
Just little fickle Jay-Z wannabes;
Hobos are old though it's oh so true,
No promo, logo or photoshoot,
Fuck your post code, and your MOBO too,
My opponents are hoping I won't go true;
I'm certainly burning these burglars verbally,
Murking these murkers til mercenaries murder me,
Burst in and turning your Burberry burgundy,
Guernsey to Germany, Jersey to Bermondsey;
True rhymes, ain't got a pen? You can use mine,
Ain't staying underground like a tube line,
I'ma come through and shine in due time,
Which one of you pricks said I can't do grime?

Genre crosser, nonsense stopper,
Consonant stomper, the conscious monster,
The freedom fighter, deepest writer,
Beat up cyphers, the people's rhymer;
Bound to get iller, the sounds effect filler,
The Malcolm X spitter, the alphabet killer,
Not a player hater, lady dater,
Maybe later a baby maker;
I get slept on like old pyjamas,
Will I blow up like boats in the harbour?
You spit fire I'm molten lava,
Flow so cold I scold your father,
Sold your soul for gold and Prada,
Who do you know who's flow goes harder,
It's over partner you know the answer,
Drop bombs on the rhythm, no Obama;
Base line murderer, fake guy hurter,
The race line hurdler, face...
Face flying all over the place like furniture,
I'm back so hard my break my vertebra;
Beat breaker, heat taker,
Sheet of paper cremator, since a teenager,
DJ's can't be weak AR's,
Cause if they do they get P-A-R'd;
I'm back so let me eat, the facts are very deep,
You prats will never see, I rap to any beat,
Pack the pen and p, practice every week,
Attack the melody and smash my enemies,
Not a send bro, but you're getting dough with a bent flow,
Jacking off Jay-Z like a little klepto...
...and the tempo went slow,
Done a lot in my lifetime, I was retro;
Everybody bow to the King cos he's back,
Whether or not radio is rinsing his track,
Forget Nas and his dad, cos I'm bridging the gap,
You think it's just rap, but it's bigger than that;
If it's tit for tat, I got the gift of the gat,
What you spit is just shit blud, stick to the facts,
You itch like a cat that's addicted to crack,
I'm sick of you prats cos you pricks are just wack;
I'm ready G, any beat, I will damage,
Very deep, whether it be grime or garage,
Enemies better flee, I won't have it,
You will never be ahead of me you blind old maggot;
If you really really live crime don't chat it,
If you really really got a nine go grab it,
The if you're live don't hide don't panic,
Just ride like a psycho that might go manic;
Don't settle with rest cos I'm better than their best,
Not just clever, yes, I'm intelligent and bless you,
Better invest in some weapons and a vest, you
Veterans are vexed, irrelevant and stressed,
Keep telling us you rep, but you never get respect,
You're fed up cos seven of your regiments are messed,
...you could get a bit of press,
But that ice on your neck ain't a credit, it's a debt;
I'm here for the beat just save all the nonsense,
Murk it whether a rave or a concert,
When I'm on stage make way for the monster,
Key to the game, I came, tour and conquered;
Spit all your bars, I spray more for longer,
You spit borers, chainsaws are stronger,
You're a boxer, wait, you're a mobster,
Ain't got time for fake fraud imposters;
I'm a champ, deep MC and it's blatant,
But tramps wanna sleep on me like a pavement,
When I speak I leave them chiefs in amazement,
Meanest genius I'm free like a mason;
But I don't sleep with police at the station,
I'm writing my rhymes, you're completing your statement,
Running from the swine while your eating your bacon,
Don't rip beats, I beat them and break them;
Most MC's don't believe them or rate them,
It's no secret these neeks are just hating,
Keep on saying that my team isn't flaming,
Light em with fire like them trees that you're blazing;
Double P, trouble we, there'll be an invasion,
Test us get left deep in the basement,
Don't care whether you're from Ealing or Leighton,
Middle Eastern Asian;

(too long; forced to continue on reply)

2 years ago | [YT] | 331

Anees Raja

"PICK ME UP PICK ME UP" aint no man ever picking charlie up.

2 years ago | [YT] | 345

Plane For All To See

Hi 3.8 million people, can some of you listen to one of Lowkey's albums on youtube? maybe "soundtrack to the struggle" as that has only 0.5 million views. Trust me you will not be dissapointed, its in the top 5 hip hop albums ever made. (number one for me)

3 years ago | [YT] | 309

JamZ gaming

I've watched this so many times and I clock a new bar every time. That Madeleine mccan reference just made me realize how long this has been going on for

2 years ago | [YT] | 405


QUOTE FORM CHARLIE SLOTH NOISEY INTERVIEW "Lowkey’s was at a time when 'Fire in the Booth' were done live. I think he was the second person to ever do one and it was insane. They’re all pre-recorded now and artists get a lot more time and if they mess up they get to go again, but this was live and that was a moment. I can’t help the way I react, people get annoyed by it, but that’s just how passionate I am about the music. I can’t contain myself; I’m like a little kid smashing away at the screen. I just get blown away by it all."

2 years ago (edited) | [YT] | 48

Makeveli The Don

No way this is at 3 mill views ive watched it about 2.5 mill times myself

4 years ago | [YT] | 1,000

Adrian IDK

Prom so boring I'm listening to this instead

3 years ago | [YT] | 252

Primed Spark

How does he do that for 9 whole minutes? 0_0

2 years ago | [YT] | 95

SaS MaKaveLi

Like Wretch 32 said this is the best Fire in the booth

3 years ago | [YT] | 161

Ali Baba

return of lowkey brought me back 😂

7 months ago | [YT] | 65

Robert Guildford

Lowkey: Turn up the beat
Me: Turns up sound

3 years ago | [YT] | 1,181

Open Season

Lowkey bodied that beat.

2 years ago | [YT] | 233

Kem Roolhaas

I had to lay down in an icebath after I was done with this video.

3 years ago | [YT] | 98

Savage Mode

Who's listening in 2018

11 months ago | [YT] | 81

The Football Owl

Who's here after listening to The Return of Lowkey

6 months ago | [YT] | 36

Ashish Sharda

bruv i'm not gonna lie u know...it's 2018 and this 1 still bangs & makes uk drill, trap n other fake rapper/artists have wet dreams cah they only wish to have anywhere near this level of lyrical ability, skill & delivery. Real MC. snm. smh. n if u diasgree then sym. peace. bless. -_-

1 year ago (edited) | [YT] | 23

kay b

Lowkey were waiting for you to come back 👑👑

3 years ago | [YT] | 54