Joe Rogan Experience #883 - Kevin Smith

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Shared December 6, 2016

Kevin Smith is a filmmaker, actor, comedian, public speaker, comic book writer, author, and podcaster. His latest movie "Yoga Hosers" is now available on Netflix.


Joe should get Tarantino on here.

2 years ago | [YT] | 1,587


"I don't know where I am going with that.. Save me."

1 year ago | [YT] | 202

Redleaf Boomer

I still love that Kevin Smith even with the fame he still seems like an average dude

1 year ago | [YT] | 113


Why am I not surprised at all that Kevin Smith's episode is 4 hours long? XD

2 days ago | [YT] | 1

Ivar Odinkin

I guess it was silly of me to come here and think they would be talking comic books

1 year ago | [YT] | 85

Oddnificent One

I work overnight at a grocery store stocking shelves. listening to this stuff makes my job so much more enjoyable. Thanks Joe

2 years ago | [YT] | 733

Michael Grant

Joe “I shoot placentas into my shoulder” Rogan

1 year ago | [YT] | 148

Logan Mulrooney

"Can we talk about something funny? You're harshing my buzz." This should be a tagline of Joe's podcast.

1 year ago | [YT] | 81


Not surprised at all that comedians, in general, had a tough upbringing. Comedy is tragedy + time.

1 day ago | [YT] | 1


What I love about guys like Joe and Kevin is they seem just like regular dudes but they're so intelligent and deep, and they'd be awesome to get stoned with

1 year ago | [YT] | 303

The Lonesome Wanderer

i never knew silent bob was so talkative

1 year ago | [YT] | 63

Michael Grant

Joe “I’m talking bout tuna melts” Rogan

1 year ago | [YT] | 86

H Batenburg

Dude, this is such a good podcast, still IMO the best one so far. Get him on again dude! btw. keep it up, f*cking love your shit.

2 years ago | [YT] | 4


I don't no where I'm going with this .... Joe save me

1 year ago | [YT] | 20

teddy d

poor kevin, just wanted to get high and talk movies

2 years ago | [YT] | 333

Phillip Ferraro

Kevin you described me. I don’t like MMA but like most of what Rogan does

1 day ago | [YT] | 0


We came, we saw, he DIED. You want that "guy" to be in charge of the nukes. Perfectly painted picture xD

1 day ago | [YT] | 0

Lolita Fairy

Yoga Hosers was a trip, loved it ALSO your other films. Keep being you Kevin!

1 year ago | [YT] | 10

Jeremy Johnson

Most educational show I know of...Good shit Joe💪🤪💯

1 week ago | [YT] | 1


Joe "We should not have a president" Rogan

1 year ago | [YT] | 21