Newest Democrat Entry In 2020 Race Running 'Because All Their Current Candidates Are Insane'

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Shared May 8, 2019

The last thing we thought we needed was someone else jumping into the Democrat race for president in 2020, and if anyone did jump in this late, we figured it would be another fringe socialist like Bill de Blasio. Instead, Ami Horowitz says he’s running because all the current Democrat candidates are insane and their polices suck. -- Ami Horowitz @AmiHorowitz: “🚨 2020 ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 I'm running for the Democrat Party’s presidential nomination because all their current candidates are insane. If 65,000 people donate $1, I will be onstage at next month's #DemDebate and say that to their face. Donate at ” -- You had us at “insane.” We know we left a dollar around here somewhere … -- Mike Hennessy @TheMikeHennessy: “This is the most concise, persuasive campaign pitch I’ve ever seen. Done.”

Ami Horowitz @AmiHorowitz: “Thanks for the support, Mike! I’ve already had to upgrade my donation site’s server bandwidth because of the traffic we’ve received in the past 90 minutes: ” -- Ben Shapiro @benshapiro: “LMAO DO IT” -- Ami Horowitz @AmiHorowitz: “Thanks for the signal-boost, Ben! This is totally worth $1: ” -- Generic Pseudonym @GenPseudonym: “Honestly I think 65,000 people would donate a dollar to nominate a ham sandwich at this point. Hell, it might even win the nomination considering the candidates it would run against.” -- Nicholas Runje @nrunje: “Donated. Hope this happens” -- Pugs @PugsPugliese: “No idea who this is, but he has a strong pitch. INSANE” -- Conservatarian Curator @clcurator: “Oh my God. A+ television” -- Samuel Tedder @SamuelTedder: “The hero we need.”

Stephen Bruce @SafteySteve87: -- All In @Moore1766: -- Patrick Meagher @Squarzelfitz: “I’m game” -- Harley Kesselman @harleykesselman: “First time I've ever donated to a campaign before.” -- Adele @Adele20555648: “easiest dollar spent” -- Jennifer Flowers @Jennife01893749: “It is worth a buck to see you on stage call them all crazy. Good luck!” -- Brian Patrick Cook @brianpcook: “I’m voting for Trump but I donated so you can bring some sanity to that party, because after all I am an American” -- Susan @SammdSusan: “Done. Probably the only presidential candidate for whom I would ever donate! Cannot wait to see you on that stage!” -- Chad Greenfield @ChadGreenfield: “I've been saying someone should do this for months! Donated! 😂”

Reid Jensen @ReidRages: “I have never donated to anyone before but this is something I can get behind.” -- dragon energy industry lobbyist @Swags_McGee_96: “Absolutely worth it” -- TJ Epting @te6192: “This is freaking brilliance!” -- Gloria @ColoradoScenery: “Sure, why not. Hope you make enough to qualify. That would be a good show!” -- אברהם 🇮🇱 @joeswab: “Best dollar I’ve spent this year.” -- Rob Reber @Robb_R9: -- Lee @lee_bail83: “Will you call out Beto on stage for being a furry?” -- We can’t wait for CNN’s town hall with Ami Horowitz — people might actually tune in for that.

Twitchy: Newest Democrat entry in 2020 race running ‘because all their current candidates are insane’