Sen. Kamala Harris Mouths Off On Senate Floor Gets Wrecked By FBI Director Christopher Wray(VIDEO)!!

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Shared October 11, 2018

Sen. Kamala Harris mouths off on senate floor gets wrecked by FBI director Christopher Wray. Senator Kamala Harris has been touted as a possible 2020 candidate for president. Harris’ latest s t u n t to get her name in the nightly news involved mouthing off about the FBI’s investigation into newly-minted Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Harris was promptly w r e c k e d by FBI Director Christopher Wray, who h u m i l i a t e d the California Democrat in front of all of her colleagues.

FBI Director Wray confirms Kavanaugh investigation was limited in scope.

FBI Director Christopher Wray tells California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris under questioning that the Bureau's background check investigation was "limited in scope" but was "consistent" with past background checks. He also declines to say if Judge Kavanaugh lied during his testimony to the Senate or why the judge and his accuser, Professor Christine Blasey Ford, were not questioned by FBI as part of the expanded background check requested by the White House on behalf of the Judiciary Committee.