Dave Chappelle "Comic Strip Live, NYC" (2/27/09) AUDIO RESTORED

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Shared March 8, 2017

Dave Chappelle "Comic Strip Live, NYC" (2/27/09) AUDIO RESTORED
I wanted to check out this epic four hour set by Dave Chappelle but the buzzy noise audio was unbearable. I decided to do some restoration for my own personal listening. It worked out well so I thought I would share it. Lots of great content over at the Comic Strip Live YouTube page. Subscribe to them today! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRsQ...
original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1mya...
NOTE: This video has been reposted multiple times before my post. If anyone affiliated wants this taken down I'd be happy to. This version has restored audio to improve the viewing experience. Obviously not trying to profit or of other peoples work. Just sharing my own effort to make this more enjoyable. Thanks for the original post.

0:00 American Media & Eliot Spitzer
9:54 Facade of Marriage & Conspiracies & Time Zones
18:51 The Age of Spin & Traveling Experiences
31:02 America & Male Rape
44:10 Sushi & 19 Year-Olds
51:30 Lenny Bruce, Joaquin Phoenix, & Mel Gibson
1:00:00 Sign Language & One More Cigarette
1:06:21 Love & Maya Angelou
1:12:36 Money & Rosie O'Donnell's Dick Hole
1:19:07 Naked Dave, Dave's Comeback, Dave Gets a Coca-Cola
1:26:16 Premature Applause
1:28:05 Being 19 (Reprise), The '80s, & Comedians
1:39:58 Strip Clubs & English
1:51:12 Celebrity Status & Kanagroos
1:57:57 More America & A Gift For Dave
2:09:20 Dave's 20th Birthday & Military & Sushi
2:21:50 Smoking & Other Comedians
2:29:55 Countries & Black History
2:40:28 Dave's Wife & The Moon
2:45:48 Dave's Phone Contacts & Autographs
2:57:50 Crowd Work
3:08:00 Red Dawn & Panama
3:16:52 Beginning of the End & Dave's Ohio Farm
3:27:33 The Aussie & Wrapping Up