PS5: Pricing & Patent Leaks Revealed

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Shared February 19, 2020

Sony's PS5 is about to release and with all their patent leaks about price, microtransactions, controllers, specs, and more! Hopefully the video game company will also be able to keep their price down to compete with the likes of Xbox series X and Nintendo's Switch.

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It seems like, with every passing day, we hear more rumors and leaks about the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5. Recently, a report came out saying that Sony was struggling with the price of the console and it might be higher than we expect. That’s not good. There’s also been a microtransaction patent leak that makes it seem like Sony’s going to be really pushing these in-game transactions in games for the PS5. That’s also not good. We’ll get into the pricing and patent leaks for the PS5 and also touch on the design leak that’s been making the rounds online as of late, but just a quick PSA, don’t believe everything you read online. Until Sony unveils the PS5, it’s all just speculation.

Sony is definitely in a pickle when it comes to the price of the PS5. According to a report by Bloomberg, the PS5 costs $450 to make, which is significantly more than the PS4. If you thought the console would be $400, then that’s impossible now because Sony isn’t going to sell the console for less than it’s worth. It’ll most likely be between $470 and $500. We’ve also seen 2 patent leaks for the PS5. One that makes it seem like Sony’s going to be pushing microtransactions and one about the design of the console. Let’s just say the latest console wars are going to be interesting.

We’ll get into much more about the PS5 pricing and patent leaks than just that so enjoy the video, let us know what you think in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to TheGamer for more gaming content.


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