Most ADVANCED Robots In The World!

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Shared March 6, 2019

Check out the Most ADVANCED Robots In The World! From incredible artificial intelligence to personaled human robots, this top 10 list of futuristic cyber technology will amaze you!

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9. Kodomoroid
The dream (or nightmare) of various people when it comes to robots is that they'll one day replace us! Well in some instances they already have, including becoming a news anchor on a live TV show. This is actually what happened in 2014, when Japan unveiled the Kodomoroid, a robot that was able to understand the news story being fed to her, recite it to a live audience, and even interact with co-hosts to a certain degree.

8. Atlas
The two most important parts on a robot are its brain/processor, and its body, and for the Atlas, the team at Boston Dynamics are working hard to ensure that their robot has the most advanced robot body in the world. To an extent, they are succeeding in that goal. Atlas is one of the few robots in the world that can both walk and jog on bipedal legs. In fact, Atlas has very human-like proportions.

7. Milo Robot
The Milo Robot proves that in the right hands, and the right minds, robots can help do what humans can't even think of doing. Such as helping a child deal with Autism. Autism is one of the worst mental illnesses around because of how it affects the human brain, and in a child, it's extremely hard to comprehend and understand things. The Milo Robot was designed by Robokind in order to help children engage with others and understand their own emotional state.

A collaboration between the United States Department of Defense and Boston Dynamics has given birth to PETMAN, a unique robot with the function of helping test various suits that human soldiers would wear in the field. How does it test this? PETMAN has the ability to walk, bend, move about in certain ways, and more. But what's just as important though is that the PETMAN has very high-tech sensors, sensors that monitor not just its whole body, but the suit itself.

5. BINA48
The Terasem Movement teamed up with Martine Rothblatt in order to create a very sentient robot in 2010. It was actually based off of Rothblatt's wife, Bina Aspen Rothblatt, and because of that, it was named the BINA48. This sentient robot is capable of human interaction, and has actually been interviewed "in-person" by the New York Times, and was also featured on TV and in National Geographic.

4. Ekso GT
There are many "levels" of robots, and one such level is that of an exoskeleton. These are typically used on humans to help them do various things. In Marvel Comics, Tony Stark made himself a robotic exoskeleton and became Iron Man. In the real world though, there are devices like the Ekso GT, which are robotic exoskeletons designed to help people with serious spinal injuries move again.

3. Nao
One of the first androids that was made was one called Asimo, named after the legendary author Isaac Asimov, who wrote the "three laws of robotics" to help sure that humanity never fell prey to their robotic creations. Generations later, the Nao has picked up where the Asimo left off, and what's more, this is actually a robot that you yourself can get.

2. Nadine
In sci-fi, the robots and androids you see are meant to perfectly (or close to perfectly) mimic humans, and that's exactly the goal of the robot called Nadine. She is a robot that is designed to talk and interact with humans in a way that feels "natural". By that, I mean that she doesn't just talk with people, but she also uses hand gestures, head moves, and other little things to make herself seem even more human.

1. Kenshiro
From the University of Tokyo comes what many people consider to be one of the most advanced robots alive today. And not just because it can mimic parts of human behavior, but rather, it can do many different tasks that can only be done via the right construction in terms of its "human" body".