20 Democratic Candidates in 2020: Bill de Blasio

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Shared June 22, 2019

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STATESIDE | Our Michael Shure profiles New York mayor and 2020 Democratic hopeful Bill de Blasio. 
President Donald Trump, in his first day back on the campaign trail for 2020, launched a stinging attack on Democrats at a Florida rally on Tuesday, accusing his rivals of sowing "hatred," and seeking to "destroy" the United States.
"Our radical Democrat opponents are driven by hatred, prejudice and rage. They want to destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we know it. Not acceptable," Trump boomed.
"Democrats want to splinter us into factions and tribes," he said. "It's not going to happen."
The rally kicked off with 20,000 supporters packed into a Florida arena, chanting "USA, USA!"
Even if dismal early poll numbers show he faces a difficult race, the Orlando rally was sold out and Trump told the crowd that together they had formed "a great political movement" that had "stared down a broken and corrupt political establishment."
Florida will be one of the key swing states in 2020 if Trump is to defeat the nominee chosen from a field of 23 Democratic hopefuls.
And ahead of the rally, he pushed several of the core issues in his populist, nationalist platform.
After more than two drama-filled years at the White House, the fast-talking real estate salesman bets that a roaring economy and his nationalist message on immigration will persuade Republicans and enough centrist blue collar workers to vote him in again.
But there's no question that a lengthy probe into Trump's murky dealings with Russia and his divisive, bruising style have left him wounded.
A wide range of polls show Trump lagging far behind Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden, who is campaigning on a promise to return the country to what he portrays as the calmer, gentler days of Barack Obama, under whom he served as vice president.