Five Gamebreaking Spells in D&D 5e (and how to handle them)

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Shared October 18, 2018

Magic can tear the world asunder… or just start arguments at the game table!

We take a look at five open-ended — and low-level — spells that commonly cause trouble and headaches at the game table. In addition to clearing up some rules misconceptions, we’ll discuss how Dungeon Masters might make good rulings when these spells come up in play.

Timestamps and page references for the spells discussed in this video:

1:33 Phantasmal Force (PHB 264)
7:57 Suggestion (PHB 279)
14:06 Arcane Eye (PHB 214)
18:12 Polymorph (PHB 266)
25:47 Conjure Woodland Beings (PHB 226)

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