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Shared September 2, 2017

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hot cheetos in my system
man i really missed em

been a long time since i dropped rhymes
like this

gonna try to write this in like an hour
work full time, no time for a shower
not really im playin im playing

making no sense ima go super saiyan
i am a cantaloupe you are a raisin
comparing myself to a fruit im not playing

speaking of not playing
i got a playstation with an update
last of us is in the tray
passing up the interstate
for an inside day

work all week and im faded
2 days just me and my lady

i dont wanna get up tomorrow
i gotta trip i gotta take
and ima be away for a week, fuck

i feel like a weak fuck

sometimes I wonder if im gonna
be somebody some day

had a change of heart forgot
how to rest on a sunday

minor inconviences control
my life like OH SHIT

am I dying, no im fine
i wish my mind would stop this

thousand thoughts of how to ease my mind
got a thousand thots blowing up my line

not really im just playing
my girls right behind me

and i care about her very much
havent said the L word yet been 8 months

where does the time go flys by
cheeseburger fries at Five Guys

reminisce on my life like
too much cringe on my timeline

16 years young thought I'd never get old
25 now grey hair in my nose

my joints pop and my back hurts
wish I could live life backwards

and fix mistakes that i made
back in my younger days ok

back on schedule
sitting in the bedroom
pollen going crazy, bless you

summer went by way too quick
but that heat sucks im sick of it

back to freezing in a different
i dont really even understand
the words that im speaking