Baltimore Mayor Hopes To Reduce Gun Violence By Putting Up Boxing Rings For Kids To Fight It Out

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Shared June 3, 2019

As Twitchy reported, former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh resigned in May after the heat surrounding her sideline business of self-published “Healthy Holly” children’s books (which sold really well to some highly connected clients) got to be too much, and a lot of people hoped that maybe the city would get some decent leadership in place for a change. They didn’t. Here’s Baltimore Mayor Jack Young proposing the city build boxing rings so gang-bangers who’d usually be shooting each other in the streets could instead “box it out.” -- MediaResearchCenter @theMRC: “Baltimore Mayor Jack Young's idea to solve gun violence: "Put a boxing ring up and let them go and box it out."” -- Just one boxing ring? The Baltimore Sun has been tracking murders in the city, and in 2015 it counted 342 homicides — that’s more murders than in New York City, whose population is 13 times larger.

WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore @wbaltv11: “Baltimore mayor proposes public boxing rings to reduce violence” -- Cameron Gray @Cameron_Gray: “There are videos of hundreds of kids running through the streets of the Inner Harbor, the most touristy part of Baltimore, randomly attacking people on Memorial Day Weekend, and the newest "leader" to fail Baltimore suggests they just box it out.” -- Cameron Gray @Cameron_Gray: “Also, just 6 arrests.” -- Cameron Gray @Cameron_Gray: “You're gonna need a lot of boxing rings, Mr. Mayor” -- Here, beat up each other instead of tourists. We’ll even provide the boxing gloves. -- tjohn55 @tjohn55: “They could put it right next to the "dirt park" they talked about to keep illegal motocross bikes off the street………”

Valerie Matthews @vmattyDC: “Desperate times call for desperate measures but this ain't it.” -- Me Chomper @chmpr: “Why not a tribute from each district?” -- Glenn @Tyhaipropman: “Who will get the book on this? The betting will be off the hook.” -- (((Rama Lama))) @somanykidz: “idocracy approaches faster every day” -- Jules of Denial @Coolish_Breeze: -- Blue Meanie @TrueBlueMeanie: “Next Baltimore mayoral resignation in 3…2…1…” -- John Bender @JohnBender2016: “Good Grief…Baltimore needs to throw out every elected official and start fresh. I thought DiBlasio was the dumbest Mayor of a large city but this guy makes it a horse race.” -- Bones McKinney @bones_mckinney: “Oh yeah, that’ll fix decades of moral decay.” -- Bernie Siegel @bernie_siegel: “would be funny if it wasn't so asinine and tragic”

Nathan Chambers @NathanLC78: “Baltimore is the worst city I've ever been to. One of my life goals is to never go there ever again. I was amazed how bad the city is. That was 2001. It has only gotten worse as far as I can tell. There are good people there,but not enough. Democrats destroy like locusts.” -- -BP- @BDP0000: “Another dimwit in charge” -- Speaking of dimwits, she’s still around? Young, along with City States Attorney Marilyn Mosby, attended a National Gun Violence Awareness Day event, connecting youth with resources, such as jobs, in an attempt to encourage them not to pick up a gun. “Frederick Douglas said it best. It’s easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken men, and so we have to focus on our babies before it’s too late,” Mosby said. Police said five people were injured on Saturday in three separate shootings. One of the victims is in critical condition.

There were four additional shootings Saturday night into Sunday morning. One left a 17-year-old boy dead and a woman recovering from a gunshot wound to the head. Four other men were shot in separate shootings. Remember when Marilyn Mosby got her Annie Leibovitz photo shoot for Vogue, despite police accusing her of trying to prevent the public release of evidence in the incendiary death of Freddie Gray? What’s going on, Baltimore?

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