Black Conservative Reaction To The I’m Not Racist Video From Joyner Lucas #ImNotRacist

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Anthony Brian Logan

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Shared November 30, 2017

A rapper by the name of Joyner Lucas released a viral sensation song accompanied by a music video entitled “I’m Not Racist” which deals with the topic of current-day race relations. Lucas himself is not actually in the video, but he raps the parts of both people who are featured in it.

The first person to be shown is a white male with a “Make America Great Again” hat on. He lip-syncs along with the music, giving a convincing performance. His message was that black men, and black America in general, essentially need to tighten up and do better. However, he drops the “n-word” over and over, which is most likely what Lucas thinks the average while male Trump supporter would do if they were able to speak openly and freely to a black person.

After the white male is done with his “side” of the story, the black male who he was rapping to in the video then gives his side. His appearance is probably what Joyner Lucas thinks the average white person thinks a black person looks like. Very dark skinned with a unique hairstyle, wearing a jersey. He launches into how he feels about what’s been happening in the news. Feelings of racism due to people being against the NFL protests, Black Lives Matter, and more are revealed here. At a certain part of his rap, he slaps the Make America Great Again hat off of the white male’s head.

Both sides of the rap were sitting down peacefully essentially allowing the other to get their point of view out. At the end of the video, they embrace in a hug then they appear to have a conversation with each other in a peaceful way.

As a black conservative male, I took this video to be what the average black male thinks about white male Trump voters. He thinks that they are secretly racist and would love to use the “n-word” if allowed to speak freely. He thinks that calls to end Black Lives Matter and NFL protests are racist. He also thinks that slavery has made black people victims and that they should be forever able to claim that as a reason why we are not doing well as a collective. Overall, I think the video was good because it will spark some conversation although it was not a well-balanced representation of what both sides actually are. But maybe that will be revealed through real conversation rather than this music video and song which were not.







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