Cory Booker Is Stuck In SC So He's Eating At One Of The State's Most Famous Restaurants: Chili's

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Shared June 23, 2019

Campaign manager Addisu Demissie just tweeted out a video along with Cory Booker from the parking lot of Chili’s, because with all of the great food options in South Carolina that’s definitely where we’d go if we were stuck in the must-win state: -- Addisu Demissie @ASDem: “Travel woes with a presidential candidate. Greetings from Chili’s in North Charleston, SC where…we were not supposed to be right now. The story in the video below👇🏾” -- Here’s Sen. Booker from the video and, yes, he does say in the video that he’s looking for something vegan on the menu: -- When questioned about his choice of restaurants, Demissie said “It’s been a long day fam and it’s right next to the hotel”: -- Addisu Demissie @ASDem: “It’s been a long day fam and it’s right next to the hotel”

Or maybe this is a good move by the campaign? Remember this episode of “The Office”: -- Big Cat @BarstoolBigCat: “We had Tim Meadows on Pardon My Take today and we're basically professional actors now. Full interview and show” -- Sing it with us: “I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, I want my baby back, baby back, baby back…Chili’s baby back ribs”!

Twitchy: Cory Booker is stuck in SC so he’s eating at one of the state’s most famous restaurants: Chili’s