1980s Teen House Party Gets Busted - Real Footage (1989)

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Len Enders

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Shared December 8, 2016

My friend and I threw a party at our house to celebrate our 19th birthday. We rented a video camera for the occasion and this is a short edit of the remaining footage from that night.

I say “remaining” because in the months following this party, many people came to our house and asked to erase what they felt were “incriminating” portions from the original VHS!!
In retrospect, this was probably a pretty good call considering some of the debauch that was caught on tape.
The night ended with the cops crashing the party and kids scattering in every direction.

Filmed On Friday December 8th, 1989 at 10 Curtis Street in Port Hadlock, WA.

#1980s #Party #Mullets

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