Libya destroyed for Israel

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Shared April 26, 2011

CRIMES BEYOND THE PALE: Why Libya? Why Now? -- NATO Insider General Wesley Clark in 2007 revealed that just after September 11, 2001, Wolfowitz (the neo-cons in the Pentagon) laid out the plan (in memo form) for the dissolution of nations surrounding Israel. This is the substance of the infamous Zionist "Strategy for Israel in the 80's". NATO top dog and International Crisis Group member Clark plays the 2007 audience for laughs, pretending he learns of the strategy from a subordinate General in Pentagon (We've dubbed this man "General Goy,"). The video deconstructs General Clark's revealing but cryptic remarks. The title of the video, "Crimes Beyond The Pale," is derived from Paul Wolfowitz father's letter to son Paul when Wolfowitz senior learned of his son's responsibility for the genocidal war on Iraq: "Paul, I am an ardent Zionist, but what you have done for the Zionist cause is beyond the pale, and you should be ashamed of yourself." The source of this quote is former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, as reported in American Free Press.
Video also calls attention to the Shock and Awe blitzkrieg bombing of the sovereign nation of Libya on that first day, March 19, 2011, and HAS CONTINUED EVER SINCE! The alliance of Israel-beholden thugs includes the US, Canada, Britain, France, Norway, Belgium, Spain, and the satrapies, the UAE and Qattar. Celebratory music (Hava Nagila) provided by John Hagee's Christian Zionist choir. Video also includes a clip from our 2008 Dahlia Wasfi interview, "Israel-Firsters: The Greatest Danger", which outlines the nature of the "Strategy" which has two key points: "1) Israel must become an imperial regional power and 2) must effect the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states." ranxer nerak snowshoefilms yoryevrah