Why Did White Men Give Up Their Country? Vincent James/The Red Elephants (2nd interview)

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Jesse Lee Peterson

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Shared May 17, 2018

May 17, Hour 3 GUEST: Vincent James of The Red Elephants http://theredelephants.com | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNiN... answers Biblical Question: What do you think of women? And again, What is a man? They talk about falling birthrates especially among whites, out-of-wedlock births among blacks, Hispanics, and whites — and lack of education among Hispanics. | 2) Is Vincent James concerned about black-on-white crime affecting him? No, but he was jumped a couple times in school growing up in Chicago. They talk about Israel — he says Israel spied on the U.S. (we spied on them too), stole secrets and sold them to other countries. He does not see the Israeli government as our friend. He mentions the Talmud and ultra-orthodox Jews hate Christians and blaspheme Jesus. He mentions Zionism brought us into World War 1. | 3) Jesse plays The Fallen State preview with Amber Rose. Everybody’s been called a white supremacist, including Kanye. Vincent James says Israel and Zionists have brought us into WW1, WW2, and Iraq War. Why don’t people take care of home first and look at self — what we’re doing wrong? Blacks blame whites, but don’t know why they fail. They touch on Trump and the Israel-Palestine conflict. | 4) Caller Brandon of Philadelphia, PA, brings up the Rothschilds and conspiracy theories about the Jews. What happened to white men that they laid down and surrendered their country? We elected Trump (The Great White Hope) because we were sick of Republicans (RINOs), Democrats, illegals, etc. So what happened, and what do we do? Vincent says we should get rid of central banks, IMF, etc. | 5) Caller Andres of NJ gets disconnected. Ken of Chicago area is former liberal, was bigtime Obama supporter.


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