The true history Bush family, George H.W. Bush and the role his family played in WWII

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Shared January 29, 2018

The true history Bush family, George H.W. Bush and the role his family played in WWII
What Qanon has been trying to tell us and how it connects to the SOTU
What a Story!
#SOTU, #StateOfTheUnion, #Qanon, #PresidentTrump, #Trump, #MaxineWaters, #QanonDrops, #QanonBreadcrumbs, #GeorgeHWBush,#GeorgeBush

Don X

Don't you LOATHE the MSM for setting us up the way they have... forever?! They've been the "Bonnie" to the cabal's "Clyde". One YUGE good thing: a few months ago Trump tweeted that NBC's license is up for renewal by the FCC(!!!), and since they lie, maybe it shouldn't be renewed! Gotta love that! He really has no other choice but to get rid of as many (MSM) as he can. You ever see that sickening video of "Uncle" Walter Cronkite giving a speech, in the most arrogant, condescending Ayatoilet Obunghole way, about how "America will have to give up some of her power"...?! And, YES, every pic I see of Mad Maxine scares the crap out of me. That's one scary-looking old transsexual! ;-8)B

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God Speed POTUS God Speed! Thank you all for watching/listening! Incredibly grateful for all my subscribers. . .True Patriots! Please join me in praying throughout the day for the hand of God's Protection upon our President, his lovely wife, their entire family! What a day it will be! Thanking God for all of you in this fight! Stay strong, Stand courageous and never stop #FightingTheGoodFight .
Here are some source links thoughts, comments and more info are always appreciated!

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marina giancoli

Love your channel SUBSCRIBED

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Les Deplorables

I am just kinda listening while getting ready for work. (I missed some info you covered) But, I just wanted to mention, if you didn't, that there are rumors out there that Barbra is the biological daughter of Alister Crowley. I first heard of this a few years ago. The stories vary, but the one I heard was that he wrote a novel in which he has a daughter conceived by ritual, then one of his grandsons , "opens" something (forget the word , ) that allows something to occur in our world. I forget the words, but it sounded like some really demonic stuff... And sometimes when I see little dumb George on film or photos, he looks like an obedient child demon.. LOL of course so do the rest of these fake republicans and fake democrats...

I see there are some videos out there that may or may not cover this. I don't have time to watch them... Thanks for all the hard work for humanity..

I should also mention, that some of these subjects can lead one on too many bunny trails, which distract us and waste our time(which could be what the demons want us to waste our time doing). We already know we are dealing with some ugly evil people and that we must all unite for good to prevail. The pedos, murders and others must be brought to justice and freedom for the people must prevail...

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Trevor T.V

Love your view and work , I always look forward to you analysis, keep up with this important work .

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Victor Balbin

great research,,,,,,,,, I specially liked the spider web logic.....

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whiskey midnight

I'm in love

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