Boston George on Selling Cocaine with Pablo Escobar, Avoids Murder Question

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Shared April 23, 2016

Boston George, whose life was portrayed in the 2001 Johnny Depp movie "Blow," spoke exclusively to VladTV about getting into cocaine trade after spending time in prison for marijuana. He explained that the idea of the lucrative new business venture was brought to his attention by his cellmate, who was from Colombia. Once he was out of prison, George decided to start flying to Colombia to bring back millions of dollars in cocaine each week, which took him to a new level of wealth.

During his time dealing in cocaine, George also explained working with notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar in business meetings, but he declined to speak about any violence he saw while around Escobar.

The conversation then turned to the crazy amounts of money George was bringing in every week, which he said was "millions," and when asked about how much he estimates to have made over his lifetime, George said it was conceivable to say it was near $1 billion. You can hear more about how he built his vast fortune in the above clip.