Breath of the Wild: The Fortune Teller's DEADLY Secret!

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Shared December 22, 2018

With the release of the "Creating a Champion" book for Breath of the Wild, we have been able to get a bit more information from it regarding the lore and characters from the game. Most of it is small details regarding things we already know, but some of it has created even more questions and discussion between theorists.

Today, we go back to the events that started the Great Calamity and question the validity of the prophecy. We go over an old popular theory, while also presenting a new idea to the table that may change the way we look at the game...

In this episode, I talk more about the fortune teller and their possible significance to the story of Nintendo's recent Zelda game!

Find the Previous Theory Video Here!

Credit to LoruleanHistorian for the referenced theory!

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